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Mountain Hares Workshops

Fieldcraft and patience can yield fantastic results

In conjunction with friend and wildlife guide Andy Howard, I am now offering days out to photograph mountain hares in the Scottish Highlands.

After numerous trips and experiences with Andy, and using up-to-date information from him, I am able to take clients to see these shy creatures to provide photo opportunities for portrait, behaviour and action shots.

Available dates:

Close encounter of the Scottish mountain hare kind

After learning the skills needed to spot, approach and observe the hares, I have enjoyed many hours alone with them on the hills, building up a large collection of images and now can offer these skills to you as a client to get close too.

White hares in the snow can be hard to see

What Is / Isn't Included


Not Included:

Fitness Levels:

As the hares live on the slopes, it is assumed that you are sufficiently fit to be able to walk to where we will encounter them, whilst carrying your photographic gear. Typically this involves a walk of 30-60 minutes uphill. You should also be prepared to sit, lie down and crawl around on the ground, which is often wet.

You need to be ready for all weathers on the hills, and be more cheerful than the hares!


Participants Session Length Cost
1-to-1 1 day £225
1-to-2 1 day £295

A non-refundable fee of £50 is required at the time of booking.

Please contact me for multi-day discount deals.

Learn to look out signs of behaviour such as grooming


I can be reached via email or on my mobile, or if you prefer, via Twitter or my Facebook Page.

Email: info@petewalkden.co.uk
Phone: 07879 665 775