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Scottish Highlands Wildlife Workshops

Monarch of the glen, perhaps? A red deer stag.

In conjunction with friend and wildlife guide Andy Howard, I am now offering days out to photograph wildlife in the Scottish Highlands.

At any time of the year, I have found the Scottish Highlands to be a fabulous location to photograph wildlife, and after many, many trips there, and with the help of local expert Andy, I can offer days out photographing some of the iconic species of the Highlands.

Crested Tits

A magical bird, the crested tit.

Andy has set up a feeding station in some local woods and this is where we will see crested tits, as well as other woodland birds. I have visited this site and can see why Andy selected this location, as the light is superb, offering many varied backdrops, both bright and dark, plus a fantastic array of perches.

No hides are needed for this session. You have the freedom to move around the site as you please, to choose the best perches, light and location for your images.

Red Squirrels

As well as portrait images of these fabulous but sadly all too rare animals, the woodland feeding station Andy has created allows us to capture shots of red squirrels leaping. This is great fun to watch though not as easy as it may seem, when trying to get a sharp shot.

Andy has also recently installed a wooden hide here for improved comfort during the session. This ensures the squirrels are not spooked by us during the session.

Available dates:

The iconic red grouse

Each day can be tailored to meet your exact requirements, ensuring you have the best chance to photograph exactly what you would like to.

Species that can be encountered are:

What Is / Isn't Included


Not Included:

Fitness Levels:

Most of the tour is conducted from the vehicle, though you might be required to walk a short distance to approach wildlife, or if the session includes use of a hide away from vehicular access areas.


Participants Session Length Cost
1-to-1 1 day £225
1-to-2 1 day £295

A non-refundable fee of £50 is required at the time of booking.

Please contact me for multi-day discount deals.

Shorter sessions with red squirrels or crested tits are available at a discounted price. Email me for details.

Always the chance of a sighting of a golden eagle.


I can be reached via email or on my mobile, or if you prefer, via Twitter or my Facebook Page.

Email: info@petewalkden.co.uk
Phone: 07879 665 775

A mountain goat, grazing beside the road.