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Mull - Day Tours

Available only when I am on Mull and not tied to other tours. Email me for possible dates. For a mini-break, see here for details.

A Mull otter on the prowl

Back in 2010 I visited Mull for the first time, and instantly fell in love with this island off the West Coast of Scotland. Ever since, I have visited annually and have spent every available hour seeking out the best locations for photographing the wonderful array of wildlife on offer.

I am now offering day trips around Mull to photograph its rich wildlife. Each day can be tailored to your requirements, focusing on just one species such as otters perhaps, or I can aim to provide opportunities to capture as much as you might want to see. Of course as we tour around the island, we would grab any photographic opportunity that presented itself.

For many visitors, there are 3 targets to see, and I have hours of experience photographing all of them, in all weathers...

1: Otters

An otter resting on a bed of seaweed

With over 300 miles of coastline, Mull offers arguably the best chance of seeing wild otters than anywhere in the UK. I can target preferred locations where the chances are even greater, and also provide instruction on how to spot, observe, track and approach these creatures, so as to avoid disturbance and crucially enable you to photograph them.

2: White-Tailed Eagles

White-tailed eagle dries off after fishing

Britain's largest bird of prey, the white-tailed eagle isn't something you will forget after seeing. I have been fortunate to have enjoyed some very close encounters with these enormous eagles whilst exploring the Isle Of Mull, and have identified some of the very best locations from which to view and photograph them.

Depending on the time of year, there may also be juveniles or fledglings around to photograph as they explore their new surroundings. These individuals can be easier to spot and approach.

3: Golden Eagles

Golden eagle hunting one afternoon

Golden eagles are truly wild and far more elusive than their white-tailed cousins. As such, chances of photographing them are slim pickings, but with over 20 pairs of them on Mull, they can be seen quite frequently.

While these eagles can be spotted all over Mull, there are hot-spots (that I have discovered) where you will have a better than average chance of a sighting, though it is down to the eagles whether you will enjoy a close view or not!

Diverse Wildlife

Hen harriers are plentiful on Mull, though still difficult to see!

In addition to the main 3 species, Mull has an abundance of other wildlife to enjoy. These include other birds of prey such as hen harriers, merlin, sparrowhawks, buzzards (they're everywhere!), short-eared owls, kestrels and peregrine falcons. There are also good numbers of hooded crows and ravens around.

Mull has a healthy population of red deer

Deer can be often seen at close quarters at dawn and dusk when they come down from the hills to feed beside the lochs, though I am aware of some good sites to see them as they graze on the slopes too.

The lochs are also fantastic for sea birds, ducks and geese, and rarities such as divers can be spotted all year round. And the waters are often visited by seals (both grey and common species), which can be found enjoying the sunshine occasionally beside the shore.

Soaking up the warm sunshine, a common seal snoozes beside a loch

What Is / Isn't Included


Not Included:


Participants Session Length Cost
1-to-1 1 day £225
1-to-2 1 day £295

A non-refundable deposit of £50 is required at the time of booking.

Please contact me for multi-day discount deals.

We might strike gold with a family group of otters


I can be reached via email or on my mobile, or if you prefer, via Twitter or my Facebook Page.

Email: info@petewalkden.co.uk
Phone: 07879 665 775

Mull's many grey herons even provide fabulous photo opportunities at times.