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Ptarmigan Workshops

White on white, ptarmigan in the winter are fabulous subjects.

In conjunction with friend and wildlife guide Andy Howard, I am now offering days out to photograph ptarmigan in the Scottish Highlands.

I won't lie, getting to see ptarmigan involves hiking up a mountain, which when carrying cameras, bags and supplies for the day is tiring. But, I promise you it is worth the effort. To see these hardy birds in their own environment, and to photograph them as they go about their lives in what seems like an inhospitable habitat is magical.

Plus, on the ascent, we may well encounter birds such as snow buntings and red grouse, spot golden eagles as they soar overhead, or perhaps the herd of reindeer that also call this area, home.

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With the right field-craft, the birds will approach you.

Climbing the hill is one thing, finding the birds is another. We will look for signs of the birds as we walk along, and when we encounter them, I will help you approach them using field-craft techniques I have learned over the years. These birds can be very accommodating and very close views can be enjoyed with the correct approach.

Once we have been accepted by the ptarmigan and they are comfortable with us being there, then we can start to look at different angles for images, to make use of the backgrounds, foregrounds and textures to hand. I will of course offer advice if needed on camera settings for such images.

Mountain-top dwellers

What Is / Isn't Included


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Fitness Levels:

As mentioned above, ptarmigan live high up on hills or mountain tops, so you will need to be prepared to hike for maybe 2 hours up to where they are. This will be on paths, though these are uneven, rocky and if it has snowed, will be slippery. I'm no mountain goat, so you needn't worry about us rushing up there. We will take it as slowly as we need to.

And you thought spotting them against snow was hard


Participants Session Length Cost
1-to-1 1 day £225
1-to-2 1 day £295

A non-refundable fee of £50 is required at the time of booking.

Please contact me for multi-day discount deals.

The hardiest of UK birds


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